Bati Bali

Bati Bali

Bati Bali


We are Indonesian producers of natural stone bathroom products: washbasins, bathtubs, shower tray, and design furniture.

Marina Pandunata, the owner, founder, designer and CEO.

Tjandra Irawan, commissioner and co-founder.

Our export warehousing and main office located in: Kawasan Pergudangan dan Industri Tanrise Southgate B37. Jalan Nangka, Sruni, Gedangan, Sidoarjo, East JAVA..

Display showroom located in the main street of Ubud, Jalan Raya Campuan-Ubud, Gianyar , BALI.  (just next to the Campuan River, Campuan Bridge and the most beautiful Ubud’s hill).

Marina Pandunata has been started designing natural stone washbasins since 1999. The company legally started in 2001 as PT. BATI BALI BAGUS and later changed to PT.DHARMA BATI BALI in 2009. BATI BALI are now selling products with BATI as the brand to different countries around the world.

Over the years, the company has demonstrated to be a careful observer of the social and cultural changes, interpreting great versatility in order to meet needs and desires of the customers. We have a very well equipped factory and 20 years experienced skilled craftsmen in stoneworks; capability of treating natural stone for high quality products; capacity in material stock, and therefore we can take into consideration a special design for any luxurious hospitality project base, applied with term and condition.

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