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niamn barry

niamn barry

Niamh Barry was born in Dublin, Ireland, where she still works and lives. In 1991, upon her graduation from the National College Of Art and Design, Barry established her studio practice.
Barry creates unique light sculptures predominantly in bronze and LED. As one of only eight international artists selected to showcase innovative lighting designs in London’s Luxcraft in 2011, Barry is recognized as an early adopter and innovator in the use of LED technology. Barry attributes this technology as allowing her to ‘draw’ with light and bronze.
Since the beginning of her artistic career, Barry has risen to prominence in the art and design world, becoming one of the most sought-after figures working in LED light sculptures today. Barry has been profiled in many publications including, FINANCIAL TIMES How To Spend It, Architectural Digest, Galerie Magazine and Modern magazine and her work is included in many public and private collections throughout the world. Most recently Barry has completed a monumental light sculpture in the HQ of the Central Bank of Ireland and is working towards a solo exhibition of her work from the last decade, in the National Museum of Ireland, opening in November 2018.
Niamh works with a small team of very skilled craftsmen to create her solid bronze light sculptures.  All of the pieces are handmade in her studio in Dublin.  Most of Niamh's work takes about 500 hours to complete and the excellent craftsmanship is evident in the very special finished pieces.  Niamh loves to work closely with all of her clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want.  As all of Niamh's creations are bespoke and made to commission, your piece would be a reimagined version and be unique in its own right, and will be created to suit your space perfectly.  Because of this we do not have any pieces available immediately however we would we be delighted to work with you on a commissioned piece.
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